How to Write a 8 Band Essay in IELTS 2

How to Write a 8 Band Essay in IELTS 2

Students by and large struggle to get a good score in the IELTS writing section. Out of the several reasons for this, the most prominent one is that they do not understand the parameters on which they are going to be evaluated. Beyond the assessment process, students usually adopt the wrong ways to develop their writing skills. It is a common discernment amongst candidates that essay writing skills can be enhanced by reading IELTS essay books that have a list of different essays. These written essays do give students ideas about specific topics but do little to improve or augment their writing ability. Boosting writing skills will require candidates to develop their skills in isolation.

Focus on the Task Response

Foremost, it is imperative to understand the evaluation parameters. 25 % of the marks are for the task response. There are different essay types in the IELTS writing part 2. Agree / Disagree, Discuss both sides of the argument, Cause / Effect / Solution are the most common ones asked in the exam. For one to score well in this part the question asked must be understood well. A clear, well-planned answer that totally answers the question must be presented. The introduction paragraph is used to state the position, while the body paragraphs are written to explain the position in detail. The conclusion usually reinforces / summarizes the entire topic. The body paragraphs are the soul of the essay and determine how well the task has been achieved. The supporting ideas need to be well thought of and relevant to the essay topic.

Maintain the Coherence and Cohesion

The other 25 % is for coherence and cohesion. Coherence is the logical arrangement of your ideas. All ideas should be logically arranged and one key point should inevitably follow its explanation. That is what makes a good paragraph. Usually, students tend to write too many ideas in a single paragraph and that often results in an incoherent writing. Those ideas are not fully developed. IELTS Writing test assesses candidate’s ability to represent ideas in a logical manner. So, this matters a lot. Cohesion is basically the interconnection of two different sentences. How these sentences are related to each other that is called cohesion. It is important to use discourse markers and linkers at the appropriate places in the essay so the reader finds following the ideas and thoughts easy.

Watch Out for Grammar and Lexical Range

The remainder 50 % includes grammar and lexical range in equal measure. To achieve a good score for grammatical range, one needs to use a mix of simple and complex sentences. They must be used fairly accurate for a band 6, and very accurately for a band 7 or higher. For band 7 or higher one also needs to try and use these structures in more complex ways, such as reducing your relative clauses and using nominalizations. Lexical range is something which requires one to present a particular word in different ways. Use of synonyms is critical for one to achieve a high score for lexical range. For example a simple word like advantage can be presented as benefits, pros, plusses, merits, gains at different places in the essay.