Which Canadian Universities Accepted PTE?

There are countless intelligent brains who are choosing to pursue overseas studies but get puzzled by the countless choices they have. As the craze of foreign studies started to go high, Canada became the hub spot for international students who seek academic excellence in foreign lands. Here in Canada, students not only get to learn from expert professors from around the world but also develop their personalities by participating in various activities that are held at colleges. They also develop all-round independence and self-reliant attitude while also gaining expert knowledge from highly qualified professors. Canadian studies are not merely confined to the classrooms. Its culture accepts the principle of inclusivity along with the opportunity to get a PR residency in Canada. This particularly attracts students from multiple foreign places to its educational institutions. The Canadian Universities extend their warm embrace to invite students from every corner of the globe. You will require a good PTE Score and IELTS score to become eligible for giving wings to your education dreams.

Canadian Universities Accepted PTE

What is the PTE score?

PTE Score is a computer-based English Language Proficiency Test-based score. Its full form is the Pearson Test of English. This test is specially designed for non-English speakers who come from foreign countries where English is not their Native Language. The PTE test score ranges from 10 to 90 points. The score of each skill area is measured individually. This score is accepted by various universities, academic institutions, and Canadian colleges in their student admission criteria. This test is also required for immigrating to a foreign English-speaking country.

High and low PTE score of Canadian Universities :

PTE (Pearson Test of English) score is accepted in Canada for various purposes, including immigration, study, and work. Many Canadian universities, colleges, and professional organizations recognize the PTE Academic test as proof of English language proficiency for admission purposes.

Additionally, the Canadian government accepts PTE scores for immigration and citizenship applications, depending on the specific requirements of the immigration program or visa category. However, it's important to verify the specific English language proficiency requirements of the institution or organization you are applying to in Canada.

Some Canadian universities accept the low PTE Score while others accept a high PTE Score. Both kinds are listed below :

High PTE Score Accepting Canada Universities list :

The Canadian Universities that accept high PTE scores for enrolling students in their educational institutes are listed below:

  • (1) University of Alberta
  • (2) University of British Columbia
  • (3) Simon Fraser University
  • (4) McGill University
  • (5) McMaster University
  • (6) York University
  • (7) University of Ottawa
  • (8) University of Manitoba
  • (9) University of Waterloo
  • (10)University of Toronto

Low PTE Accepting Canada Universities list :

Below is the list of Canadian Universities which accept low PTE Score for their student intake admission :

  • (1) Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • (2) University of Regina
  • (3) Dalhousie University
  • (4) Thompson Rivers University
  • (5) Vancouver Island University
  • (6) University of New Brunswick
  • (7) University of Prince Edward Island
  • (8) University of Lethbridge
  • (9) University of Northern British Columbia
  • (10) Lakehead University

Benefit of PTE Score: Students Direct Stream

PTE’s Accepted Score can help you with your direct entry to Canada. It also gives its students an SDS (Students Direct Stream) route for Canada Immigration. Having a good PTE test score is an immediate and fastest way to get your acceptance letter from any PTE Accepted University in Canada.

Overall PTE scores Vs. Individual PTE scores: Canadian Universities

Most universities prefer to consider both individual and overall scores when accepting foreign students. The sectional scores include (LSRW) Listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

PTE Score Accepted in Canada: 2024

The following is the list of the top universities in Canada, along with their acceptable PTE criteria. These criteria are subject to change based on changes in educational institute policy. The following data is the data of Canada's PTE requirement.

PTE Score is required for Canada: 2024

The minimum PTE Score Accepted in Canada is between 58 and 73. In case your PTE score is low, then you can also check the data mentioned below for the various degree levels you want to pursue.

Study Level Required Score
Diploma Overall Score: 45 Overall
Minimum Required Score in each module: 36
Undergraduate Overall Score: 50
Minimum Required Score in each module : 45
Post-graduate Overall Score: Overall Score: 65
Minimum Required Score in each module : 50

Importance of taking the PTE Exam :

PTE (Pearson Test Of English) is a language-based test required to immigrate to Canada. To receive the (IRCC)Immigration, Refugee Citizenship Canada, taking the PTE exam to showcase your English Language Ability via a good PTE Score is important. The candidates who want to apply for a PR residency in Canada have to go through the process of taking five language tests that include: CELPIP, IELTS, TEF, TCF, and PTE. Among them, PTE score is highly preferred for academic enrollment in Canadian University student visa applications.

PTE Acceptance Criteria : Canadian Universities

The General PTE Acceptable Criteria in Canada is 58-73. But If we go with some specified data, the list goes like this: List of PTE Accepted Universities in Canada: 2024

SR. NO. Canada University Name
PTE Accepted Universities in Canada.
Minimum Required PTE score acceptance Range
For Enrolling in PTE Accepted Universities in Canada
1 University of British Columbia
Rank : 34
Minimum PTE score Criteria : 65 - 60
2 University of Alberta
Rank : 111
Minimum PTE Score : 61 With 60 PTE score in each skill
3 University of Waterloo
Rank : 112
Overall PTE Score Required : 63
Required Written PTE Score : 65
Required Speaking PTE Score : 65
4 McMaster University
Rank : 189
Academic PTE overall minimum score : 60
Speaking PTE Accepted Score : 60
PTE Accepted Writing Score : 60
5 University of Ottawa
Rank : 203
Required Overall Score : 60
Required Writing Score : 60
6 Queen’s University
Rank : 209
Required Overall Score : 60
7 York university
Rank : 353
Required Overall Score : 60
8 Concordia University
Rank : 387
Required PTE Score Range : 52-60
If your score is( Under 53), you have to take Additional English Courses.
9 University of Guelph
Rank : 486
Overall Required Score : 60 Min.
Required score in every section : 45
10 University of Manitoba
Rank : 671 - 680
Overall Required Score : 45

Take your first step towards your journey to attend Top PTE Accepted Universities in Canada. Canada welcomes students from foreign countries and embraces diversity by offering its students quality education so that they can pursue their career dreams.

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