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PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an academic test conducted to check English language usage and vocabulary skills in university academic-level surroundings. PTE test is a computer-based test that measures your English proficiency in reading, speaking, writing, and listening to make sure that you are the perfect fit to study in international colleges, work overseas, or be a resident. This test is a technology-based exam so that there’s no interference of any human bias, which will give candidates the exact idea of their skills and knowledge in the English language. The PTE exam is taken on a computer with headsets, and it is a 2 hours long test wherein you have to answer 20 questions that will assess your real-life English. The exam consists of 3 main modules: Speaking and writing, reading and listening. Once you attempt the examination, within 2 days you get the results.

PTE Academic or PTE UK tests, the format of both tests is the same. The tests check English Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills. The scores for each section and overall are within a range of 10 to 90. Complete test marking is computer-based, ensuring no bias and precise evaluation.

To get the best scores, you can talk to experts at PTE Coaching Institute and begin the preparation. With constant practice and a thorough assessment, you can achieve high scores and fulfill the abroad dreams. Go through the table to understand the PTE format.

PTE Format

Writing & Speaking

Duration : (54-67 minutes)

Questions Type : Personal Introduction; Read Aloud; Repeat Sentence; Describe Image; Re-tell Lecture; Answer Short Questions; Summarize Written Text; Summarize Spoken Text; Essay

Description : Assesses the ability to organize ideas, vocabulary and grammar, and essay structure. (Writing). Also, evaluates articulation of ideas, pronunciation, oral fluency, and capacity to convey information effectively. (Speaking)


Duration : (29-30 minutes)

Questions Type : Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer; Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers; Re-order Paragraphs; Fill in the Blanks; Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Description :Evaluates the ability to understand written texts, analyze content, and make accurate choices based on the information provided.


Duration : (30-43 minutes)

Questions Type : Summarize Spoken Text; Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer; Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers; Fill in the Blanks; Highlight Correct Summary; Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer (Select Missing Word); Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers (Select Missing Word); Highlight Incorrect Words

Description :Checks the capacity to understand and interpret written texts, infer meanings, reorganize paragraphs, identify logical sequences, comprehend and reason.

It is important to score high bands in the exam to get eligible for studying, working, or migrating overseas. PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad will help you score the best through interactive sessions with experts. When you enroll in PTE Coaching, the teaching will make you confident to give answers during the test. Knowing your understanding and level during the preparation time is essential so that you can be aware of how much more preparation is needed. To get the perfect guidance and feedback, PTE Classes in Ahmedabad are beneficial because the PTE Coaching experts will assign you activities and give in-depth feedback on your performance to work on your weaknesses.

Guide to preparing for the PTE Test

PTE Preparation needs consistency, suggests teachers at PTE Coaching. The approach must be according to the type of PTE Test you will attempt- PTE Academic, PTE Home Tests, or PTE Academic UKVI. Assess the test, requirements, and scope before beginning the preparation. If you have concerns or doubts, take help from PTE Trainers at PTE Coaching. You can visit Ambrish Tiwari's PTE Classes.

After that, plan accordingly- Firstly, you should know your target score as per your English proficiency level. It will help you to improve yourself in a particular section. Secondly, study the overall test format from online resources (Authentic website or contacting PTE Classes faculty) and materials provided by the PTE Training experts so that you get familiar with it in the preparation time itself to avoid issues in the actual exam. Thirdly, understand the scoring format, which will give you an idea of the quality and quantity required. After knowing the format, study the resources provided by the PTE Coaching Classes. Lastly, before you go for the exam, practice all your skills and read all instructions carefully and answer questions without any grammatical mistakes.

To overcome your weak points in English vocabulary, grammar, or other aspects, it is necessary to work on them during your PTE Preparation phase by following these tips given by the experts in the PTE Coaching Classes. As there is another PTE Test type (to be launched) specific for Canada migration and work purposes, for which the strategy and requirements would differ. Experts at our PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad will help you with that.

To achieve the desired scores on the given test, get the best resources at PTE Classes for preparation, where the experts will guide you in the whole process, from preparation to providing study materials that will be helpful for you to top the exam in the first attempt itself. Contact the best- and most well-known PTE Classes in Ahmedabad- Ambrish Tiwari's IELTS Academy and start preparing yourself to master the English language and get eligible for international universities, work, or settlement.

Why Choose Ambrish Tiwari's PTE Classes?

Our PTE Coaching Classes differ in terms of quality teaching. Our focus is to help students accomplish their dreams by being excellent in their English skills. As each student has their strengths and weaknesses, we keep batches of small size to deliver focused and effective learning. To ensure students get better insights about the exam and preparation, Mr. Ambrish Tiwari, the lead faculty member, conducts regular sessions in the PTE Classes.

Within 2 months of PTE Coaching, students get the benefit of updated study materials in the form of a strategy book (Authored by Mr. Ambrish Tiwari), practice kit, and mock test skit. Specific to PTE preparation, we provide a softcopy of the learning material and AI-based evaluated unlimited mock test (for two weeks) after the completion of the course. To utilize the facilities of smart classes and libraries, have one-to-one interaction with the language expert Mr. Tiwari, give weekly and monthly PTE practice tests, learn in a conducive environment, and ace the PTE examination, join our PTE Coaching in Ahmedabad.

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